Investment Fund Audit Services

At Moore Cayman, our partners and staff have a wealth of audit experience serving a very wide range of fund structures, strategies and size. We are specialists in International, US and UK audit and accounting standards and take pride in providing a very responsive service. For fund directors looking to appoint auditors that can help them deliver audited financial statements that not only comply with relevant accounting standards, but also meet their required filing deadlines, we provide an attractive service.

We go the extra mile and guarantee an efficient service. Some of our recent offshore fund audit appointments have involved a catch-up exercise where filing deadlines have been missed in the past; we rise to such challenges.

For our offshore fund audits our senior management team in our Cayman Islands office can leverage a dedicated audit team in our London office (which is under common ownership), effectively, covering both time zones, leading the audit from start to finish with a proactive approach. Timely completion is thus our strength and additional re-issue sign off costs avoided.

We are usually at the heart of year end project management towards the production of audited financial statements for the offshore funds, liaising with the fund administrator, directors, investment manager and valuation agent (if applicable), driving forward the year end timetable.